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Achievements:  Goloka  Farm,  Redmond,  WA  provides  alternatives  to  the  holocaust  of  meat  production  and
       dairy industries’ practices that victimize innocent animals, specifically the cow.  To meet the needs of our growing
       herd of dairy cows and bulls, we have a contract to purchase additional land in Auburn/Black Diamond, WA. This
       farm  has  lush  green  fenced  and  cross-fenced  fields,  two  modern  barns  and  three  houses.    This

       infrastructure  will provide up to 10 years of  a safe and healthy environment for our cows.

       Protect  Cows  and  mother  nature  for  prosperity  and  peace:  The  Goloka  farm  expansion  to  Auburn/Black
       Diamond will  cost  $800,000.  We  need  to  raise  $300,000  for  a  30%  down  payment,  closing  costs  and  initial
       equipment purchase such as a cooling unit, clean rooms for ahimsa milk production.  We hope to finalize the

       purchase by the end of April 2018. Please consider our humble requests to reach our goals. This is a decisive
       purchase that will serve the purpose of caring for our cows and growing our herd for the next 10 years.

       The bull is the emblem of the moral principle, and the cow is the representative of the earth. When the bull and
       the cow are in a joyful mood, it is to be understood that the people of the world are also in a joyful mood. The
       reason is that the bull helps production of grains in the agricultural field, and the cow delivers milk, the miracle of
       aggregate food values. The human society, therefore, maintains these two important animals very carefully so
       that they can wander everywhere in cheerfulness. But at the present moment in this Age of Kali both the bull and
       the cow are now being slaughtered and eaten up as foodstuff by a class of men who do not know the brahminical
       culture. (Purport by Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada from Srimad Bhagavatam 1.16.18)
                                       Please contact for methods of donation.

                         Harivilas Das (425) 499-6408       Damodara Prasad Das (425) 761-4605
                          Namavrata das (206 ) 979-8002     Srinivas Kasam (650) 533-3259

                                          [email protected]
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