Page 2 - New Goloka Farm Brochure
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Based  on  the  success  of  the  Goloka  farm  in  Redmond,  we  are  embarking  on  an  expansion  in  Auburn  (Black
      Dia-mond area) which is situated in the lush Green River valley away from hustle and bustle of city life.  At Goloka
      farm we  keep  cows  and  bulls  for  their  precious  dung  and  urine  used  for  composting.  We  have  a  greenhouse
      heated  by  a  wood  burning  stove  sprouting  seeds  which  we  transplant  in  our  garden  to  produce  organic
      vegetables. In our  new  Auburn farm  we  will  exemplify our  Acharya's  vision  of  an  ideal  farm  community  based
      on  cow  protec-tion  from  birth  to  their  natural  death,  and  responsible  stewardship  of  land.    The  new  Auburn

      farm  will  serve  as a  retreat  center  from  the  stress  of  modern  materialistic  society,  corporate  culture  and  will
      provide the following services:
         Protection of mother cow and mother earth

         Summer festivals, Summer Day Camp for Kids, Overnight camping

         Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Health SPA, Yoga, Meditation, Seminars for healthy living and service opportunities

         Weekend retreat center

         Spiritual discourses, classes on permaculture, organic farming, using cow dung in novel ways, herbalism

         Research and practice of alternative construction techniques - rammed earth technology, interlocking bricks,

      bio-digestor construction for methane gas and compost
         Conference facilities for team building activity for schools, corporations

         Spiritual lifestyle and Japa retreats

         Other uplifting events for the whole family

      Once visitors develop a taste for the traditional way of living, we can expand by buying nearby farms.  Let’s trans-
        America’                            land

      stewardship promotes peace, happiness, prosperity and spiritual development.
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